My Ideal Job

The ideal job is hard to come by in the real world. You always have images inside your head from an early age of where you see yourself when youn are older, for me it was an astronaut. As time went on I realised that my ambitions were a bit unrealistic and that I had no interest at all in that path for my life. My interests changed as I grew older and I had numerous notions throughout my life. I saw myself in numerous different fields but never really thought about it in terms of a single position. I’ve had vauge ideas of what my ideal job would be but nothing was set in concrete and theses were generally just notions.

So this assingnment got me thinking quite hard, it was time to actually get down to some research and see what postions would I see as my ideal job. There many factors to consider when I was looking. I found myself asking a lot of questions to myself. My ideal job would have to be something that I am passionate about and willing to spend all my time at. You know the saying ‘If you love your job you never work a day in your life’. Im the kind of person who doesn’t like to stick one medium in life. From a young age I’ve had an interest in many forms of media, be it DJing, creating posters for the discos I ran, making family videos and taking pictures with my first digital camera as well as all the time spent exploring and watching the internet grow and become the monster it is today. I was also very artistic in school. asrt was my favorite subject but I had no interest in art colege because I didn’t see myself in a job in that realm. This influenced my choice in college coure. I wanted something that would allow me to combine creativity and the many forms of technology. What job would allow me to combine all interests into a job that would also me freedom and flexibility. After some research the position as ‘Multimedia Designer’ kept coming up.

Multimedia designers work accross a wide range of fields including video production, sound, web design as well as with a wide range of computer based applications icluding graphic design and order forms of creative media. The job could take you all over the world working on projects like concerts, in television studios as well as being part of many different types of design teams. A multimedia designer is like a creative handyman. The position as multimedia designers has all the flexibility I desire in in a job combining it with creativity and the latest technologies. This is why it would be my ideal job.


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