Online Community

The online community hub,, is the home of the /b/ board, the focus of my study. /b/ is an image board which is unmoderated to a great degree, and is based around the concept of anonymous posting of anything the user desires, without fear of retribution, as aside from anonymity, the posts only last for a short period of time, from minutes to hours, after which they are deleted permanently. /b/ is the origin of many internet memes, or viral ideas, that spread across the internet, like lolcats, Rickrolling, or the term ‘Epic Fail’. The board is also a hub for loose, leaderless organisation for activism, mischief, and hacking, most famously espoused in the Project Chanology, which was an initially digital ‘hacktivism’ against the Church of Scientology, which then spread to include more traditional real-world protest. In some ways, /b/ is the opposite of sites like Facebook, which tie posts to the users real-world identity in perpetuity, whereas /b/ offers complete freedom, for good or for ill.

The full report can be found here 4chan-Community
You can find the website at


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