Me and my colleagues Owen O’Riordan and Olivia Kennedy developed the business YouCom. YouCom is an online video marketing and SEO(search engine optimization) solutions company. YouCom films, edit, produces and promotes videos for use online. We target any company or event looking to improve their online presence and promote their cause. With YouComs intelligent SEO the videos will reach a large audience.

Our first step was to get together as a group and discuss several ideas. We came up with many different ideas and concepts. We worked out strengths and weaknesses of all what we felt were the strongest ideas. We performed a SWOT(strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis and after this we decided to develop the YouCom. idea.
Some brainstorming, click picture to enlarge

We started by coming up with a three year plan and started brainstorming milestones we would try and meet over the next three years. We drew up realistic milestones which felt we could meet.

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We started work on our business plan and created it using specific guidelines. These headings included a description of our product, our finances, marketing strategy and a description of our target market. We then started preparation on our presentation. Our presentation was important because it would give us a chance to show people what our product and service is all about and hopefully leaving an impression. We put a lot of effort into our presentation to make it enjoyable and informative.

YouCom Presentation

Overall I think we worked really well as a team. We all pulled our weight and the ideas flowed easily. We all worked hard to develop our idea and in the end I think of business plan and presentation were successful. We hope to further develop our idea as a team.

Read the full business plan:Youcom


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