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Flash Sequencer

I created a flash sequencer using Action Script

My sequencers design was very important. It needed to be simple to use, have the all the required features and function properly. I would be building my sequencer using Adobe Flash. I used Action Script 3.0 to code the sequencer within flash. The sequencer was required to have a certain amount of features and functionality. The sequencer was required to have the x-axis divided up into 16 steps. The y-axis was then divided up into eight channels. Each channel would hold a sound to be played in the sequencer. Each sound would be required to be able to be turned on at the meeting points of the two axis. Each channel must have a volume control which would have to adjustable. The sequences length would have to be able to be set. There must be a play, pause and stop control buttons. There must be track previews so the user can hear the sound when they move there mouse over the channel and there must be and animated play cursor that moves along while the track plays.  All of these requirements must be met and the sequencer must be aesthetically pleasing. There also must be a lot of thought into the functionality and layout of the features. The way the sequencer would have to be easy for anyone to pick up and play it. I decided to name the sequencer Rovor and will refer to it as this throughout this report.

The finished sequencer can be found here; https://referer.us/6/flash